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Logan Coles

Photographer & Web Developer


Golden Retriever

Susan Coles

Founder & CEO

Story of Zelda and the name behind the grand rapids quiche company Zelda's Provisions.

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About Us

Many of my family and friends have food intolerances or allergies.


Over the past 10 years I have spent many hours shopping with them at the grocery store helping to read ingredient labels. Looking for products that were free of nitrates, preservatives, peanuts or gluten.


After finding limited options for my family and friends, I decided to create a product that they could eat.


Hence, Zelda’s Provisions was born. We are a gluten free food company that offers made for scratch quiches that taste delicious and can be reheated quickly for a fast breakfast or quick lunch.


Not only are my friends happy they have a hot delicious food to eat but those without allergies are also enjoying these convenient quiches.

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